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Why Owning a Home is More Common in Pittsburgh

Fewer and fewer Americans have been buying homes over the last decade. Today, just 63.0% of Americans own their homes, the smallest share since 1965. In the Pittsburgh metro area, 69.2% of residents own their homes, higher than the national homeownership rate but the tenth lowest of any metro area in Pennsylvania. Young Americans are […]

Poverty Rate in Pittsburgh Below National Level

An estimated 12.3% of residents in the Pittsburgh metro area live below the poverty line, a smaller share than both the national poverty rate of 14.7% and the state’s poverty rate of 13.2%. Pittsburgh has the seventh lowest poverty rate of any Pennsylvania metro area. A high school education can mean the difference between living […]

Why Quality of Life is Better in Pennsylvania

Americans often evaluate their home states according to such subjective conditions as climate preference, the presence of friends and family, and personal history. In addition to these subjective measures, more objective socioeconomic factors also contribute to life satisfaction. It is such quantitative measures that can help assess the broader quality of life in a given […]

Pittsburgh No More Crowded Than the Average U.S. City

There are 2,991 people per square mile in the Pittsburgh metro area, lower than the national population density of 6,321 Americans per square mile across all U.S. metro areas. Pittsburgh also has the sixth highest population density of any Pennsylvania metro area. Population density can have a meaningful impact on home prices in an area. […]

Why Pittsburgh is One of the Less Expensive Housing Markets

A typical home in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania metro area costs $143,200, less than the national median home value of $194,500. The median home value in Pittsburgh is lower than in Pennsylvania as a whole, where the typical home is worth $170,600. Pittsburgh’s median home value is also the fourth highest of any metro area in […]

Pittsburgh is the Best City in America to Flip a Home

The U.S. housing market has been in steady recovery since the housing crisis, and increasing numbers of investors are trying their hand at home flipping: the purchase, renovation, and subsequent sale of a property in a relatively short period of time. While home flipping is costly and notoriously risky, a number of housing markets are […]

Pittsburgh’s Homeownership Rate is Among the Top 20% of Cities

Home purchases in the United States have rebounded since the the recession that began in late 2007. The residential real estate market is a major pillar of the economy and returning interest in home buying is a healthy sign of economic activity. Over the last decade, however, the homeownership rate has steadily declined — from […]

Pittsburgh is the 20th Best City for Single Mothers

Raising children on a single income is no easy feat, and single mothers in the United States struggle more than almost any other group of Americans. Still, some cities are easier for single mothers trying to make ends meet — and some cities are far worse. The costs of housing, food, childcare, and education give […]

Pittsburgh is Among the Cities with the Best Health Insurance Coverage

When compared to European countries and other developed nations such as New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, The United States stands out as the only nation without a publicly financed universal health care system. Around one third of U.S. residents are covered by public programs, namely Medicaid and Medicare. Including private coverage, 88.3% of Americans have […]

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